Lifestyle choices, such as diet, immediate surroundings, quality of sleep, etc. are arguably as important in improving human health as genetics. It is likely that less than 10% of human longevity is inherited, moreover, these differences are expected to become more salient the older people get.
"Tell me what you eat and I will tell you what you are." How does our diet affect longevity and things associated with longevity? Is there a combination of lifestyle choices, dietary choices, or supplements that we can easily adjust to and that will make people live longer and healthier? Possible ways to approach the subject are via blue zones characteristics, an intermittent fasting app, etc.
Test microbiota
How do microbiota affect our health? There are links between a number of mental health conditions and microbiome in its various representations. For example, a link between H.pylori and depression has been found. How can we test for these links?

Upgrade biofeedback
Can you move beyond current on-the-spot diagnostic functionality into the prediction of developing chronic diseases? Can you offer a personalized prevention plan?
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