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LongHack welcomes ideas and solutions for patient care and support that advance access to medications and diagnostics, generate actionable insights, and develop innovative products and ecosystems for longevity. The purpose of LongHack is to enable scientists, technologists, and anyone interested in improving behavioral practices and standards of living to adopt discoveries, breakthroughs, and societal changes at an accelerated pace.
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AI and Bioinformatics
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These are some of the example datasets you can delve into to initiate your project. You can choose human/mouse/other organism models.
RNA-seq, scRNA-seq, ChIP-seq, proteomics, pharmacogenomics age-related data, human, mouse.
A gene expression database for aging in mice.
Human/mouse phenotypes and factors associated with aging, from genes and molecular changes to physiological/psychological changes.
Downloadable age-related gene lists and resources from GenAge, LongevityMap, GenDR, DrugAge, AnAge, ARCT, Etcetera
Various resources, including cross-species.
"Science and technology are the keys to both our longevity and our demise. Our entire existence on this planet is a double-edged sword."
Rhys Darby
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