About us
First comes thought; then organization of that thought, into ideas and plans; then transformation of those plans into reality. The beginning, as you will observe, is in your imagination.

Napoleon Hill
We are a dedicated team of enthusiasts with diverse backgrounds in biological science, artificial intelligence, software engineering, and project and event management.

Our goal is to have an impact on the longevity industry, boost research and support the community of enthusiasts hacking aging, just like us.
Core Team
Inspiration and hard work make things happen!
Dima Syrotkin
Investor & Co-Founder
A mix of drive & enthusiasm. Dima has a passion for longevity and strong desire to make an impact. He takes care of business strategy and provided the initial funding to start the Longevity Hack.
Ekaterina Melnichikhina
CEO & Co-founder
A mix of creativity & order. Ekaterina has a passion for innovation and tech. She navigates sales, product development and the website in the Longevity Hack.
Gil Marom
Network & Media Consultant
A mix of media & tech. After hosting the longevity leaders in The Ageless Starman podcast, Gil immersed himself in the topic and started to promote awareness of aging problems. His mission is to create a world where people are creative and vigorous at any age.
Miguel Madero
Biotech Entrepreneur
A mix of curiosity and grit with a pinch of naivete. Miguel has a passion for improving health. Serial entrepreneur with experience in multiple industries building and leading companies, teams, and products at different stages. 
Tiago Sampaio
Tech & Network Consultant
AI Engineer active in the research of protein-based vaccines since 2011, having recently created AnalysisMode a 7-times award winning AI platform to empower Biotech Scientists to accelerate research using data analysis. Tiago is a serial entrepreneur in the field of AI and a Hackathon winner, leading to partnerships with governments and leading pharmaceutical companies.
Dominic Norton
Hackathon Consultant
Founder of Hackathon Entertainment, a product studio that tells compelling stories about competitive innovation events, creates impactful products to transform people's lives. Dominic keeps LongHack on track of the recent updates in the hackathons' world.
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