24-26 September
"The days when aging was considered natural and inevitable are long gone. Now it's a disease to be treated like any other."

AgeX Therapeutics CEO Dr Michael West
Why hack longevity?
We offer our participants a space to hack aging and increase the lifespan of human beings.

Longevity has been a subject of interest not only among biotech scientists. It has also been romanticized by many novelists and artists. Despite its many appearances in pop culture, few people are aware of its scientific grounds and how far research has progressed.
What to expect
Team up!
You can either bring your own team or team up with other participants.
2 days of hacking
Brainstorm, create, test! You will have the whole weekend to create your prototype.
We're open to innovation. Bring your ideas to life with support of our mentors.
Winning teams will get prizes from our sponsors.
Harnessing the power of living systems and accommodating them to solve outstanding problems in longevity research, is the focus of this track. If you are interested in combining natural sciences with engineering acumen to cure aging, choose this topic.
In the past 150 years, we have seen tremendous advances in pharmacology and medicine in general, such as the discovery of antibiotics, widespread adoption of vaccines, and many more. As a result, the average life expectancy in the world has more than doubled since the 1900s. If you believe that there is unexplored potential in existing treatments and diagnostic methods to combat age-related diseases or aging in general, choose this track.
Lifestyle choices, such as diet, immediate surroundings, quality of sleep, etc. are arguably as important in modulating human health as genetics. It is likely that less than 10% of human longevity is inherited, moreover, these differences are expected to become more salient the older people get. Check out the challenges here.
The ends justify the means. If this phrase makes your blood boil, you are in the right place. What comes first, ethics or innovation? How do we evaluate the impact of the discovery? Choose this track.
With the support of
Aubrey de Grey
Biomedical Gerontologist
Aubrey is the Chief Science Officer of the SENS Research Foundation.

Aging researcher, technologist, entrepreneur? Apply to participate!

Frequently Asked Questions
Do I need to know how to code?
You don't need to know how to code, but you have to have skills that will help your team to hack aging.
Do I need to have a team?
You don't need to have a team. We will match you with other team members based on your skills.
Who can participate?
You are welcome to apply if you are a scientist, biotech or genetics researcher, software, AI or VR engineer, designer, marketer, or entrepreneur interested in longevity.
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