Biotechnology, the harnessing of the power of living systems and accommodating them to answer real-world questions, is the focus of this track.
Biotech equipment repurposing
Can you think of ways to repurpose retired biotech equipment or maybe how to construct an open-source, 3D-printable PCR machine?
Extracellular matrix - friend or foe?
Modifying the structural or biochemical properties of the extracellular matrix could be crucial to a longer and healthier life. In bodies, the cell microenvironment is often as important as the genotype. Is it possible to quantify or even modify age-related changes in the ECM?
Microbial correlations
The composition and dynamics of human microbiota have been shown to impact physical and mental health. Could you think about how to better understand their impact on human longevity or maybe even harness them to combat age-related decline?
Tailoring therapeutic interventions
Tailoring therapeutic interventions to an individual, taking into account their idiosyncrasies, is one of the major research areas in evidence-based medicine. You have a chance to enable more affordable and efficacious treatments to the most vulnerable society members (elderly, adolescents, people with disabilities, those under prolonged stress, etc.) through developing more reliable drug delivery methods in the form of novel needle designs or delayed-release per os pill depots, or by taking into account aspects of an individual's metabolism.
Simulation hardware
Improve the speed of drug testing via organ-on-chip microfluidics. There's a need for new hardware which is able to simulate organs, enabling scientists to perform close-to-reality lab tests.
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