20-22 January 2023
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  • Ekaterina Melnichikhina
    Project Manager
    Ekaterina is the CEO and co-founder of LongHack. She has a passion for innovation and tech and advocates for longevity and a healthy lifestyle.
  • Alex Dobrin
    Strategy Advisor at VitaDAO

    Entrepreneur, Growth Hacker, Investor, and Longevity advocate

  • Pritam Kumar Panda
    Scientific Advisor
    Despite the fact that Pritam is a great scientist with more than 40 papers under his belt, he is also a master of communication. He is responsible for the challenges and scientific advisory in LongHack.
  • Laurence Ion
    Core Contributor at VitaDAO

    Laurence is an entrepreneur, longevity advocate, and investor. With a software engineering/tech startups background, and a keen passion for the scientific method, he's helping translate science into startups, on a mission to bring aging under medical control.

January 2023
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Long, healthy lives are the ultimate goal of humanity. With all the data in the world and technology, it is crucial to build patient-centered solutions that help people live longer and healthier. And we're only just getting started!

VitaDAO hackathon powered by LongHack is a forum for innovators to present ideas and solutions for behavioral health and wellness. Studies have shown that people who engage in healthier behaviors and have access to the latest health solutions live longer, more productive lives. If you have an idea that can help improve patient care, we want to hear about it! Join us at VitaDAO Hackathon to discuss the future of healthcare.
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"Science and technology are the keys to both our longevity and our demise. Our entire existence on this planet is a double-edged sword."
Rhys Darby
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