Ethics and awareness
The ends justify the means. If this phrase makes your blood boil, you are in the right place.
Biohacking, also known as DIY biology, is the optimization of mental and physical performance, without the use of traditional medicine. Some popular examples include intermittent fasting and the tracking and optimizing of sleep. However, a lot of these biohackers take less conventional routes, injecting themselves with a variety of things, implanting devices, or following routines and treatments that some would consider questionable. Should we allow individuals to be able to do this? Where do we draw the line?
Scientia potentia est. Solving ethical issues is impossible without a clear picture of the problem. Can you help to increase awareness by making data sets more available? Or will you create a viral video? You decide.

Approachable science
Developing ways to help citizens understand longevity research, for example by citizen science games, can help promote longevity research.
Funding Longevity
Making things work out is not always easy. Even great ideas need financial backup. What crazy apps can we build in order to fund longevity with crypto?
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