Hackathon 2022

Ideation weekend has launched the first hackathon week of 2022

On January 21-23 we had our first Ideation Weekend, which has launched the first LongHack's hackathon week of 2022.

Ideation Weekend was a pre-hackathon event that allowed our 130 participants to matchmake with teammates, generate ideas, evaluate the feasibility of the ideas with the help of 19 mentors. Now, based on the feedback participants have a chance to adjust their projects by the hackathon weekend and make the deliverables during the final presentations more eligible.

Thanks to our sponsor VitaDao LongHack winner will get 2000USDC. VitaDao is a DAO collective for community-governed and decentralized drug development. The core mission of VitaDao is the acceleration of research and development (R&D) in the longevity space and the extension of human life and healthspan. To achieve this, VitaDAO collectively funds and digitizes research in the form of IP-NFTs.

Prizes from our partners:
  • One fellowship position for 2023 from Foresight Institute, our community partner. Foresight Institute is a 30+ year-strong San Francisco-based non-profit institute to accelerate beneficial applications of crucial technologies.
  • Three advice sessions of deck review from R42, a venture fund, and an institute that invents, invests and informs covering AI, deep science, 5G mobile, biotech, and fintech
  • 5 tickets to the Longevity Leaders Congress in April 2022.

In addition, there is a private prize of 1000USD* from Didier Coeurnelle, mentorship from the core experts, and an opportunity to pitch to the investors.

All this interest shows again the importance of the work LongHack is doing in the longevity space. Step by step we are building a community of researchers, developers, and entrepreneurs with the main goal - to fight aging!

*The prize is the subject of VAT
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