21-23 & 28-30 January 2022
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The increasing expectation of human life for the healthcare systems has created increasing difficulties. When people get older, they are increasingly susceptible to chronic diseases and the associated burden of multimorbidity and polypharmacology. Accumulating evidence of laboratory animals has shown that aging can be improved by genetic and environmental measures.
With the emphasis on immediate prospects in aging research, biotech has very little dry powder left to deal with the demographic time bomb that healthcare systems are facing. Even if the initiatives now underway are successful in alleviating illness, which is far from definite, it would take ten years for them to move through clinical development and reach the market. In the meanwhile, what can healthcare systems do? The answer is Digital Medicine.

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VitaDAO's core mission is the acceleration of research and development (R&D) in the longevity space and the extension of human life and healthspan. To achieve this, VitaDAO collectively funds and digitizes research in the form of IP-NFTs.
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"Science and technology are the keys to both our longevity and our demise. Our entire existence on this planet is a double-edged sword."
Rhys Darby
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